Jungle Safari in Nepal

Nepali National parks the wild side of nepal

If your trip in Nepal is long enough, do not hesitate to go and visit one of the numerous national parks in Nepal. The fauna and the flora of theses jungles and forest are absolutely amazing and unique. If you need help finding a guest house or a hotel in the nepali parks, help concerning the activities to do, our knowledge of Nepal can be useful and we will be pleased to help you organizing your trip.

Discover nepal safari

Safari in Chitwan National Park

Thick jungles and teeming wildlife including horned Rhino, elephants, birds and bengal tigers. Chitwan National park is the most popular park to visit in Nepal. This park of about 900 km2 gives you many possibilies of safari.

Elephant ride

In most nepali southern parks, you can have a ride on elephants back, one of the best way to see wild animals such as the Bengal tiger, crocodiles and many species of birds.

Tharu stick dances 

Tharu people is one of nepali ethnies, living in the south part Nepal, in terai region. Enjoy their stick dance show with rhythm and colorful dresses.

Rara National Park

Discover in this park beautiful rhododendron and pine forests and also the biggest lake of Nepal. You can see mallard, musk deer, black bear, merganser cock and many other birds.

Bardiwa National Park

Sal forest with rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, black buck, swamp deer, gharial crocodile and even the unique gangetic dolphin. One of the rare place on earth with theses pink dolphins.

Safari in Parsa National Park

Sissoo and silk cotton forest, elephant, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, blue bull, and wild dog. Over 280 species of birds, many species of snakes.