Trekking in Nepal

Here are some nepali trekking possibilities

As you must know, Nepal is the most favored destination for trekking expeditions, high nepali mountain trekking for those who have a lots of experience, and even smaller trekking for beginners. While staying in our homestay, we can help you finding nepali guides or sherpas for small group trekking or help you finding a trustful trekking agency that will organize your trekking expedition in Nepal.

Trekking expeditions to do in Nepal

Nepal Trek
Trekking Mustang

Everest Trekking

(12 to 20 days - trekking elevation 6000m)

Your Everest trekking will cross different nepali environment such as Jiri, Lukla village, Buddhist Monastery and Sherpa villages. The most popular trekking in nepal, but maybe also one of the most difficult, arrive to everest base camp and the world is yours.

Annapurna Trekking

(7 to 20 days - trekking elevation 5000m)

Your Annapurna trekking will take you through rhododendron forests, the Kaligandaki Gorge and view the annapurna ranges. The Annapurna ranges are magnificent by its snow-capped pics, everybody can just be amazed by the beauty of nepali mountains.

Langtang Trekking

(6 to 15 days - trekking elevation 4600m)

Your Langtang trekking route will take you around Gosaikunda Lakes and trough several different climates and vegetation.

Mustang Trekking

(5 to 17 days - max trek elevation 4600m)

Your Mustang trekking route will be a great opportunity to explore an area rich in ancient tradition and mythology of nepal.

Dhaulagiri Trekking

(15 to 20 days - max trek raise 5400m)

Your Dhaulagiri trekking will take you through the ninth highest mountain in the world, ideal for those who want to experience wild mountain and view Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Ganesh Himal Trekking

(5 to 16 days - max trek raise 4100m)

Your Ganesh Himal trekking will give you the opportunity to see legendary Nepali smiling faces trough small and cozy nepali villages.